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13 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Use Canvas Bags More Often

We all know that life in plastic is not fantastic in any way you may want to consider it. With the rise in the ban on plastic bags, the good old canvas bags are becoming the 'go-to option' in smart shopping.

Canvas shopping bags or canvas tote bags are not as new as fashionable and stylish trending accessories. But on the contrary, they become all the rage right now, as they are an even more powerful statement than luxury designer bags.

They do not communicate luxury, but they are the perfect illustration of ethics, belonging, access and culture. And the moment you see big designer companies creating their branded canvas totes or canvas bags, you should know you are on track.


Why You Should Consider Using Canvas Bags On Daily Basis

However, what makes canvas bags so fashionable and so hyped these days? We will take a look at various modern trends and identify all the compelling reasons why you should wear canvas shopping bags more often – but not only for shopping purposes, of course!

  1. Canvas Bags Are Known For Their Timeless Sustainability

One of the reasons, the use of a canvas bag is more often these days is that they come with timeless durability that other bags do not come with. If you maintain these bags properly, you’d be able to use them for years to come. But this does not mean that they can’t be destroyed. For example, if you make use of a plastic bag, and it shows its first sign of wear or tear, you would immediately dispose it off, but if it’s a canvas, it can either be re-purposed or recycled. Some recycling options for the canvas tote bags are; turning it into a pouch, used as a pillowcase or can be used as cute kitchen apron.

  1. These Bags Are Well Comfortable To Maintain

Canvas bags aren't just easy to use and recycle; they are also easy to maintain; this is because they are washable. There is an important tip to follow when washing your canvas bags, and you should watch out for the water temperature as you don’t want the bag to shrink or lose its original color. If you mostly use your canvas bag for shopping, make sure to wash often to keep them hygienic and fresh. Since you can iron cotton, you may want to consider smoothing them for a neater appearance.

  1. Canvas Bags Are Versatile

One tip to get the most out these bags is to shop them in a variety of colors so that you can pick the color that best matches your outfit. This way you won't run out of style all year long. The beauty of these bags is in their simplicity. You may easily repurpose a natural cotton shopping bag by directly converting it into your daily casual bag used for carrying some of your items around town as you probably go for a walk to the office or go for lunch with friends.


  1. When Choosing Canvas, Size Is Not a Factor

Canvas bags come in more extensive and generous sizes, besides their advantageous resilience to weight. In other words, you can stuff in your laptop, camera, books, school paper, and other personal stuff. The safety of your belongings is super easy as you can choose to opt for some heavy canvas zipper tote bags for extra assurance of safety.

  1. Environmental Protection Considered When You Go For Canvas

As previously stated, one of the advantages of a canvas shopping bag is that they can be used again and again. They can be washed, and they are effortless to carry, easy to fold and store. You can use the canvas for a while till it returns on its environmental investment; this is a goal that can be achieved with minimal effort.

  1. They Serve As Fantastic Traveling Bags

If you require a bag that easily transitions from a day bag to a trip bag or you just an all-nighter bag, then you’d never be wrong for making the canvas bag your first choice. It can be used for short distance trips since it does not offer the kind of luxury that trolley and suitcases provide. Short distance trips, weekend trips, car trips to name a few are some the trips you may embark on with a canvas.

  1. They Make For Great Travel Accessories

The canvas can compensate for all the purses, backpacks, and messenger packs you would think about carrying on holidays, especially when they are long distance trips with a more considerable amount of time — trips like a week vacation abroad or a city break with loved ones. A great advantage is that lighter vacation luggage equals fewer fees at the airport and will provide enough comfort for you and your family once you arrive at your destination.


These bags can be carried around in urban environments, and in exotic natural landscapes, museums, restaurants, shops and even in a crowded market. What’s better is that filling a suitcase with purses with well – folded canvas bags in all the colors you love is just fantastic.

  1. They Can Afford To Carry Lots Of Loads

Women are known to take lots of pieces of stuff along with them in their purses and bags. Your canvas bags can hold up your items with no problem if you’re on a weekend shopping spree. When compared to a plastic supermarket bag, it stands out as you’ll find out that it does not break and will not arrive home with holes in them, just because you stacked plenty of cardboard, cartoons or metal boxes. Canvas is resilient to wear off. They do also make for a perfect companion for shopping routines with no problem.

  1. Canvas Bags Are Super Affordable

This is an apparent reason that cannot be skipped. However, it is essential to emphasize it. Whether you go with one or two for shopping, or you decide to buy in wholesale, heavy canvas tote bags, one thing remains sure; and that is that you will never be low on cash or an outfit/occasion matching opportunity. You can own one for every fresh color – minded summer dress. You can rock the outfit and still feel good about your budget. As long as affordable accessories are concerned, they are the best options meeting and exceeding your quality vs. Value expectations.

  1. Brand Awareness

Many companies, branding agencies, organizations, and even religious firms use canvas tote bags to promote their brands and also to create awareness towards an important subject. In other words, you may assist someone in carrying around their branded bags for more exposure. You may want to advertise the gym you patronize or promote a friends or a family members' startup; you may even want to draw the attention of the public towards a particular species of animals that are about to go extinct.

You may want to raise awareness of a specific social issue, as long as you choose a brand or a cause to advocate for, you can become an influencer, a promoter or an advocate of that particular business or movement. As previously treated, these bags are multipurpose, and now you have even more reasons to use them at your will.

  1. They Can Be Personalized

Do you know the coolest thing about the canvas tote bags? The fact that you can wear them with your personalized style, just like you would, your cotton T-Shirts or handkerchiefs, for instance. These bags are very suitable for monograms. You can monogram them to suit your style and taste too.


  1. Canvas Bags Can Be Styled Up

There are plenty of options to select from, as we treated previously, for you to style up your tote bag and turn it to a fashion statement. Your plain canvas shopping bags can be turned into a designer style purse in no times as you can choose to sew some cloth scraps on it to give it a sassy flair. Canvas totes bags represent the best and perfect foundation for your DIY tailoring, artistic, painting and sewing projects.

  1. Wearable Branding

If you’re entrepreneurial in analyzing things, you may decide to buy plain canvas bags in bulk, so you can style them up, personalize them, turn them into a unique fashion statement and then resell them for profit. You can create such a fantastic work of art that other people would gladly love to promote, besides engaging in the form of green business. All you need is just one person stopping you on the road to ask you where you got that beautiful beaded tote bag you’re wearing.