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Best Tote Bags for a Girls' Weekend

Best Canvas Tote Bags for a Girls' Weekend

Tote bags aren’t just for quick trips to the store or to take with you on a walk. They also make the perfect accessory for that girls weekend you’re planning with your besties. You can easily throw some essentials into your bag and carry them comfortably when you hit the town or the trails with your girls. Take a look at these canvas travel bags to find the best fit for your trip.

Strong Zip-Up Canvas Tote Bags

This bag is a great replacement for a suitcase or backpack. You can fill its huge space with clothes, accessories and a makeup bag and then zip it up securely. It’s easy to sling over your shoulder and toss into the car to take it with you wherever you decide to go. This bag is perfect for a weekend getaway or as a personal item on top of a suitcase or duffel.

large canvas tote bags

Canvas Tote Bags With Front Pocket

This bag gives you all the benefits of the first one, plus it has a convenient zipper pocket in the front. This is a great feature for storing your IDs and travel documents, or whatever you might need quick access to like your keys or phone.

Duffel Travel Tote Bags

This bag is ideal if you'll be gone longer than a weekend or have a lot to bring with you. You have a large compartment for your clothes and shoes that you can zip up. Then, you have a large zip-up front compartment, which is perfect for a makeup bag or other personal items, along with a water bottle pocket and a phone pocket. The different sections help you keep everything organized and accessible for your trip. Its handles and shoulder strap give you different options for carrying it around.

Makeup Bags

If you'll be with the girls, you'll inevitably want to look your best at some point during your trip. That means bringing makeup, toiletries and hair accessories. Makeup bags are essential for keeping these items neat and contained for any trip, whether you'll be on a weekender, spring break or any other getaway. Just throw your makeup and accessories in separate bags, and then they're easy to toss into your tote bag or duffel bag. We have different makeup bag styles to choose from, including ones with separate sections to keep you organized. 

canvas make up bags

Convenient Travel Kits

Similar to a makeup bag, this small travel kit helps you contain small items that would otherwise be all over your suitcase. You could use it for power cords, hair accessories or other small items. And the handle on top makes it simple to carry to the bathroom and toss in your travel bag.

Bags are essential for any girls' getaway, whether you're going on a flight or driving to the beach for a few days. They can make your life easier so you can quickly throw a few items in a bag and get going. And with different options, you'll have a bag for all your needs. You can even toss a smaller bag in a larger one to keep your life organized!