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Environmental Impacts of Reusable Tote Bags

Environmental Impacts of Reusable Tote Bags

According to the National Geographic, a stunning 91% of plastic isn't recycled, while 79% of all the plastic that has ever been produced is sitting in landfills. This impact on the environment is severe, as it takes over 400 years for the material to decompose. Paper bags don't fare much better. They require 91% more energy to recycle, while only 10-15% of paper bags are even recycled. We're facing a true environmental crisis unless individuals start to make more responsible choices and choose sustainability over convenience.

When you go shopping and out to eat, plastic and paper bags are everywhere. It's how we get our groceries home and where we pack a quick school lunch. We usually don't think twice about the long-lasting impacts our disposable bag waste has on our planet. But day by day, more of these products end up accumulating and eroding natural habitats. 

What can you do to lessen your impact on this growing problem? One small step you can take is to start using eco-friendly tote bags. Bags made out of canvas can serve a wide variety of purposes and eliminate the need for using more plastic and paper bags. 

canvas tote bag

Grocery Shopping Bags

The Five Star Home Foods blog shares that the average person shops at the grocery store 1.6 times a week. Though some trips may be small, others are big hauls for necessary items like milk, produce, and eggs. The sheer amount of plastic and paper bags that are used nearly twice a week accumulates to a staggering amount of waste per shopper. However, having a set of reusable canvas tote bags can eliminate the need for using disposable bags at the checkout line. 

Cloth bags aren't just reusable, but they are also washable, customizable, and are extremely durable. Disposable bags often snap or tear because they simply aren't as strong as canvas. This makes it difficult to carry heavier items like gallons of milk with confidence. However, a canvas shopping bag allows you to haul heavy and large grocery items without worrying that the handles will snap. It's also common for boxes with sharp corners to prick holes in the sides of thin plastic bags, which makes the plastic shopping bag a liability when you're making the trek from the car to your house. 

Lunch Bags

Children go to school for most of the year and eat both breakfast and lunch there. Parents who pack meals often use a standard brown paper bag for simplicity's sake. However, this short-term convenience can lead to hundreds of paper bags in the trash each year per student. Opting for a reusable tote bag offers many benefits. First of all, your child can learn about reducing their carbon footprint at an early age. Secondly, tote bags are strong and aren't prone to rips and tears like flimsy disposable bags. And of course, these bags have strong handles and can be decorated to your child's taste! 

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Build a Sustainable Future with Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote Bags

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