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How To Customize Your Tote Bags

Tote bags are a great way to promote your business. You can give them a personal touch by adding your business name, contact information and so on. You can also make your customers smile from your store with their tote bags in hand. Tote bags could be made of paper, plastic, leather or even fabric.


Customizing any of these is now a common practice among marketers and business owners, who value their products by placing them in an attractive package. Customizing tote bags also allows them to promote their brand when customers carry the bags along aisles of shopping malls or through streets.

It is an innovative new way to drive new business to your organization and keep old customers happy. But how do you customize paper bags? If your budget allows, you can opt for the services of professionals in this area.

But if not, you can go for the equally excellent DIY techniques discussed in this post. We will detail seven steps for you to follow in this blog post. If you follow these steps, you should have your tote bag ready in a short while.

Steps Required in Customizing Your Tote Bags

Here are quick Do-It-Yourself (DIY) methods to customize your tote bags and put a smile in the face of your customers.

    1. Define the layout of the bag

Without knowing what the artwork will look like exactly, you cannot customize tote bags. Hire a professional designer, use your logo and the colors of your store and create a material that can attract attention and delight your customers.

    2. How many colors will your canvas bag have?

With the layout set, you'll already know how many colors will be used when printing your custom tote bag. You need to know this to make the budget, which depends on the number of colors.


That can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 colors, and can cause the type of print and the price to vary. Some experienced designers can help you save on this item by creating gear for the bags that use less color, without this influencing the final result.

  1. Number of tote bags

The more bags in bulk you order in the same order, the lower the unit will cost of each canvas bag. Therefore, you must know how to calculate a quantity that is neither excessive, creating storage costs nor taking up too much space in your store. The number of bags you make should not be so small that it soon ends and you have to make a new request.

  1. Size of the canvas shoulder bags

Of course, this will depend on the size of your products. The larger the bag, the higher it would cost. Sizes often vary from supplier to supplier but are usually divided into several categories, from very small to very large.

  1. Choose the material of your totes

Several options are depending on the use you want to give your bags. You can choose from different kinds of paper, and you can even decide not to use paper at all. The material for tote bags ranges from high quality to lightweight material. You have to study the various options available to you in the market before deciding on what you want to use.

  1. Handles of the bags

Options are ranging from a slot in the top of the bag, twisted paper, nylon cord to an elegant grosgrain ribbon. Each of the options will give a different perception of quality and refinement to your bag.

  1. Types of finishes

To give shine, you can choose between machine varnish which is cheaper or glossy finish. The matte lamination gives a satin appearance on paper material, and without shine, it looks quite elegant.

The UV varnish located in specific details gives an exceptional shine in these parts of the bag and matches much with the matte lamination. And if you want gold in the bag, you should use Hot Stamp, which is very expensive!

Getting Your Brand Image on Your Canvas Tote Bag

Sometimes, the primary purpose you are going for a tote bag is to advertise your brand on it as we have said tote bags are suitable for branding. But sometimes, you may not want anything on it.

Getting your image on the bag gives you more exposure and involves printing your business name, website address, brand logo, motto or hashtags and other contact information on your tote bag. It is a great way to drive business to your brand.

Even though we have talked about how to make the bags, how about how to get the printing on them? Getting a print on your tote bag is essential, and the various methods are underlined below.

  1. Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is the most popular method to get some printing unto your tote bag. This is the method that printing professionals use. It requires you to have a heat press machine that helps get the print unto the bag.

  1. Fabric Paints

This requires you to paint directly on the fabric. You will need to buy brushes, paint, and transferring material like stamps and stencils. You will then need to draw the pattern of the design that you want on the tote bag.


After this, you can ink out the design with the paint using the brushes. When painting it out, what you do is fill in the design. This happens to be the easiest method you can use to design your tote bag if you are doing it at home.

  1. Screen printing

Screen printing is another way that you can get your design unto your tote bag. All you have to do is get some ink in the color that you desire (preferably, that should be your business color) and also get a mesh stencil also called a screen.

You will place the ink on the mesh and then put this on the bag to get the pattern on it. After you have successfully print your bags, you go on and dry them.

You can use any of these methods to get your design unto your tote bag depending on what suits you best.

Wrap Up

Customizing tote bags and using them as promotional tote bags is a great way to show the face of your business and the DNA of your business to your customers. The customers can use the bags again for several purposes, and this further publicizes your products and services.

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