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How to Find The Perfect Size Tote Bag

Tote bags have gone from being used for shopping purposes to becoming a multipurpose accessory that most women own. However, tote bags have grown in popularity because of the space and the ease of carriage it has. They are big enough to contain lots of items but this only depends on the size that you choose. No matter what size you choose, tote bags are a perfect fit for virtually all outfits.

They come in various sizes, colors, types, and designs. However, the question of how to choose the perfect size tote bag really depends on you. Whether you decide to choose a medium size tote bag, large or small size depends on your needs and also on your lifestyle. If you intend to carry large items in your bag, you would naturally have to select the large tote bag.


If you want to place smaller items in the bag, however, you may want to go for small size tote bags. In this guide, we would explain what you should consider when choosing a tote bag that is perfect for you.

Determining The Right Tote Bag For You

Tote bags are great because they are versatile and can serve a lot of different purposes. It's also amazing that you can add personal touches to your tote bag including colors, fabric, and pattern. When it comes to determining the perfect size tote bag for you, there is a general way to go about it.

First, determine what the largest item you will put in the bag is. Then add a few inches to this, leaving room for free movement within the bag. This way, whatever you intend to carry in your tote bag will fit in perfectly. Also, check for the length of the bag because the appropriate length will give the aesthetic appeal that you want.

In spite of this general method, a number of factors come to play in deciding which bag is right for you. You need to choose a material that you love and a style that works for you. Do you want a zipper tote bag? Maybe you prefer leather tote bags. All these are decisions that will go into picking the right bag for you.

Tote Bag Material

Tote bags come in different materials. You typically do not want the perfect size tote bag that has a wrong material. Thus, you have to know what the bags are made of. Tote bags are either leather tote bags or fabric tote bags. Fabric tote bags include cotton tote bag, canvas tote bag, and polyester tote bag.

Leather tote bags are known to be durable and long lasting. Fabric tote bags, on the other hand, are light to carry but if you are choosing these, you must make sure that your tote bag has leather trim and a leather shoulder strap. This will add to the strength and the style of the bag.

Tote bags also come in zipper forms while others are open. The open tote bag is perfect for people looking to shop with the bag. Zipper bags are however more secure and you do not need to put in the extra effort to keep the items in your bag safe. Another important factor that goes into choosing a good tote bag is your personal style.

Be sure that your tote bag fits your style. If you are a sports person, you may want to go for the sports tote bag. If you are a shopper, then you may pick large tote bags that carry lots of things. If you will be using the tote bag for social outings, then a beach bag tote might be what you need.

Choose designs that merge correctly with your outfit. Classic looking tote bags may not go well with t-shirt and slacks. You need to consider all these when you are choosing your tote bag.

How to Use Large Tote Bags

The large tote bags come in size 15"×15"×6 and more. These are big tote bags, and it’s great for packing lots of items and below are some of its uses.


  • It can hold all sizes of items
  • Perfect for grocery shopping
  • Have strong straps that hold the items in place
  • Great for giveaways
  • Are Durable and long lasting

How to Use Medium Size Tote

The medium size tote bag comes in size 14"×14" and are great for promotions. You can use the bag by:

  • Printing your brand's logo or other promotional design on the sides
  • Giving it off during giveaways
  • Keeping school or work materials in it
  • Running errands and shopping with it
  • Packing items for short distances

When you give this bag to your customers, they can use it for any of the purposes above. While they do this, they simultaneously show off your brand wherever they go with the printing on the bag. These promotional tote bags are one of the best available because they are not too large or too small.

How to Use Small Tote Bags

Small tote bags come in size 15"×17"×5" or even below. They come in different material and in various shapes, sizes, and designs. They have a couple of uses, such as:

  • Being given to customers for brand promotion
  • Replacing plastic bags for buying grocery.

How to Use Mini Tote Bags

Mini tote bags are the smallest sizes. They are as beautiful as all the others and can be a great addition to your collection. Regardless of the fact that these bags could only be able to carry a small number of your items, they can do much of what the other bags can. Below are a few ideas of what these mini tote bags can do:

  • A quick run to the store
  • Giveaways and promotions
  • Holding things at home

The perfect size tote bag for you depends on your things and the weight of the items you would be carrying in the bag. If you want to use your tote bag for everyday use, you will need to choose something that is both spacious and comfortable. The bag must carry all your everyday essentials but must be big enough for you to arrange them and thus stay organized.


Tote bags are popular because of their space so finding something like this should not be a problem. If you will be using your tote bag to work, you want to have space to place some snacks and a water bottle after you have carried your office essentials. The large size tote bag is perfect for this purpose. Make sure to choose a fancy looking one.

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