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Looking for Beach Bags? Totes are The Way to Go

With summer caving in so fast, beaches will become a top favorite destination for virtually everyone. Lounging in the sun and enjoying the occasional splash of water is something that we all cannot wait to experience. When it comes to getting to the beach, you will need to pack your bags. Topmost among your concerns would be which bag should I pack? Beach bags are our absolute favorite and that of everyone else.


Beach bags are beautiful and fully captures the essentials. They can carry everything you need. Beach bags are usually the right size, big enough to contain your swimsuit, your coolers, your clothes for changing, your sandals, pants, towels, books, sunscreen, sunglasses and a host of items that you need.

Beach bags are inevitable for a day out in the warm sand and water setting. It becomes essential for you to choose your beach bag carefully. Our customers have loved the beach tote bags proving time and time again that this is the now classic thing to carry. A beach bag tote does not only for the job of holding your items. It also makes a statement.

Beach bag totes make good traveling bags and summer totes. They can fold easily, and you can flatten them and place them in your other luggage. If you are going to be at the beach as part of your tour to another city, the beach bag tote will come in handy. You can use the tote bags to pack clothes and other items all in one go.

Why Choose a Tote Beach Bag?

While tote bags are great, not all of them can be used as beach bags. In the same manner, there are lots of beach bags that cannot be classified as tote bags. The best bags to use when you want to hit the beach are tote bags. This is why the beach bag tote is the best choice you would make. But what makes these bags different from the ordinary beach bag? Also, why are tote beach bags great for beach use?

You can get beach bags of different variety. These bags are made from various kinds of material. The beach bag tote and summer tote is exceptional because of the way that it mixes well with the beach scenery. Of course, the beach is all about sand and water. Good beach bags tend to be resistant to one or both. This way, they help you enjoy your time at the beach. You don't have to go worrying about your things getting wet or dirty. Using a tote bag for your beach outing will decrease your worries.


The result that you get from using the bag is one thing, and of course, this is what most concerns you. However, there are lots of other features that make tote bags great for the beach. The beach bag tote had a mesh bottom which keeps sand from staying or sticking to the bag. The sand or any particles drip out as soon as they touch the bag. These bags also zips firmly and keeps sand, dirt, and water away. The bag shuts completely with no space for any of these unwanted things to get into it.

The beach bag tote has pockets on its sides and in the bag, which means you can keep even more things. You have more space to drop your keys, your sunscreen, your cellphones, and so on. In this way, the summer totes do not change your usual storage pattern. The extra pockets also allow you to concentrate on using the ample space within the bag to pack clothes and other weightier items.

Why Are Beach Tote Bags Unique?

Tote bags are great for the beach because of the material with which they are made. Some of them are merely treated with these materials, but in both categories, the extra touch makes a huge difference.

Here are some of the things that go into the beach tote bag to make them exceptional.


This material is waterproof. As a result, for beach bag totes that come in vinyl, the contents of your bag will stay dry. Vinyl is also sand proof. When you get a beach bag tote made of vinyl, you can easily fight both sand and water. Small dirt particles cannot enter your bag. The best part is that it is so easy to clean the vinyl. If dirt sticks to the bag's surface, you can easily brush it off or use a damp rag to clean out the wet sand or other dirt. Everything you pack in your summer totes is safe if the beach bag totes are made of vinyl.

Waterproof Coating

Some manufacturers treat the fabric used in making the bag with a waterproof coating. So, even if the bag's material is not waterproof itself as in the case of vinyl, bags treated with waterproof coating can still achieve the same result. Some beach bag totes that have waterproof coating include bags made from nylon, canvas, and polyester.


Waterproof coating treatment includes polyurethane and PVC. This kind of bags come with their usefulness and the added treatment giving you a total package experience. They can be cleaned easily too. Use a damp rag to clean or use a washing machine but do not place them in a dryer as this would destroy the bag.


This fabric is just like vinyl. It is water and sand proof. PVC can be cleaned easily using a damp rag also. It is a soft jelly-like material that can be made into designs of your choice. PVC beach bag totes can be recycled, and this feature adds to the reason they are a great choice.

The Catch to Beach Tote Bags

Like other tote bags, beach bag totes are versatile in their usage. They are both functional and fashionable. Beach bags come in beautiful designs, and there are a lot of styles available to you. Beach bag totes can be used for other purposes aside heading to the beach. You can use them to go shopping or to pack clothes.

You can also use them as traveling bags for short distances. Beach bag totes also go well with any outfit and can make good outing bags. Beach bag totes and summer totes can help you enjoy your beach outings better because instead of worrying about the bag, you can concentrate on the fun.

Where To Get The Best Beach Bags

Promosdepot has classic beach bags and beach bag totes in stock. The summer totes come in various shapes and sizes and with a promise to make your vacationing experience awesome. Because you are not fixated on your bag and whether or not, it is getting stained or wet, you can concentrate on having a great time alone or with loved ones.


Promosdepot beach bags are affordable, unique, and extremely functional. They are a favorite option amongst customers, and for their tote bag nature, they reward you with flexibility and multiple usages. You are sure to get a design that suits you from our vast collection.

You can buy your wholesale beach bags and beach bag totes from Promosdepot in wholesale quantities or for personal use alone. You can also buy the bags for promotional uses and jumpstart your business even further.