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Tote bags; an Uncanny Method for Business and Brand Promotion

Companies, businesses, and Branding agencies are always on the lookout for effective, low-cost methods to promote their Brand. In recent times one of the most effective inexpensive ways for achieving this is by using a Promotional Tote Bag. These cheap products are also prevalent among consumers because they are efficient. One of the everyday usages of the Tote Bags is shopping at groceries, and they are the perfect replacement for plastic bags, which makes them an environmentally healthy option.

Making use of custom tote bags will enable businesses to maximize brand awareness and also build a lasting and memorable impression. Branding of tote bags are beneficial and flexible; they can also be considered as marketing tools that can work for any establishment such as real estate firms, schools, advertising agencies, marketing firms, on – profits, online businesses to mention a few.

Promotional tote bags have been trendy promotional giveaways for quite some time now. This is because they are beneficial and offer your brand a large logo printing area that can last for years. This method has significantly grown over the last couple o years since environmental concerns have been on the rise.

5 Reasons a Business Should Adopt Tote Bags for Brand Promotion

The best items suitable for promotion are items that are useful, desirable, well designed and made with high-quality materials. That's why making use of a Tote Bag is a brilliant choice for your next business branding awareness.

These items can make a great deal of impact in the lives of your ideal audience from the very first day they receive them. Promotional Tote Bags are generally desirable, and they allow your brand to gain increased recognition with ease.

Below are five compelling reasons why you should have tote bags as a promotional strategy.


  1. They Are Generally Appealing

Tote bags make for a great promotional product. They are usually appealing without gender or age restrictions; this means that demographics is not to be taken into consideration when you are about to launch your next brand promotional awareness campaign. You may design the perfect Tote Bag, and be confident that your potential business audience will be able to use the product.

An excellent choice of Tote Bags for promotional purposes is the promo's 20 x 15 x 5 (traditional dimension for trade shows and exhibitions) conventions Tote.  The bag is made from recycled material, it possesses a large item capacity, and it’s a reasonable budget-friendly choice for your next brand promotional awareness campaign. Bags that are 20 x 15 x 5 in dimension are generally appealing and will be received anytime by your audience.

  1. They Come With Tons Of Choices

Another primary reason your business should adopt Tote Bags for her next brand promotional campaign is that it provides brands with lots of customization options. There are available tons of materials, price options, and features to select from that you are certain to find the perfect match for your peculiar business goals.

Take for example the Non – woven Two – Tone Grocery Tote, this is an ideal choice, if you want a classic style that can be used at conventions as well the grocery store. Your brand logo is permanently inscribed to these bags using a precision printing press that will create a striking visual appeal.  This type of bag has an intriguing two-tone color scheme.

  1. They Are Eco – Friendly

super feature and advantage of utilizing a tote bag for your next promotional brand awareness is the very fact the bags highly encourages environmental friendly values.  Instead of using the traditional plastic baggage every time you pay a visit to the supermarket, you can come along with your tote bag in place of that. This reduces the individual’s ecological footprint. Most cities and states have gradually started enforcing policies that abolish the use of plastic bags; this means that totes will become the order of the day in the nearest future.

  1. This Is a Great Opportunity To Advertise

Tote bags are naturally large and possess significant decoration areas for your business to promote her brand name, logo, or activity on the side of the pack. As previously mentioned there are so many different eyes – catching options to select from in the tote bag world. The more aesthetically your promotional product appears, the more the sights that will feed on your logo or promotional campaign message.

  1. They Help Your Business Get Noticed Easily

It is a fact that these bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product in the market; then it's a no brainer that a customized promotional tote bag will continuously help your business brand spread the word and also build hype. You definitely can't go wrong with a customized bag for your branding strategy.

A branded tote bag will rarely get irrelevant or discarded, and recipients will utilize them in a variety of capacities. More importantly, they are generally cost-effective to produce, depending on the design you select and the number of colors used in printing. The tote bag is typically a profitable investment for any business that is looking to create a marketing campaign for her brand. They are usually an instant hit at trade shows and exhibitions, because people often pick up extra items and literature from several booths and will require a bag to package everything, now that’s where the tote comes in handy.

5 Important Money-saving Tips when Deciding to use Tote Bags for Business and Brand Promotion

When you finally decide to use tote bags for Brand promotion and awareness; without the proper accounting, things could get a bit confusing and could be counting your losses.


However, this will happen, especially when you don’t have a strategy, thus, to help your business have an effective branding and promotional campaign, here some tips to aid you to save and hassle when investing in promotional bags;

  • You don’t necessarily have to give them to everyone; Since you will be spending hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars in these promotional bags, it will be logical only to let those customers and prospects who you may think to deserve them or to those who have the best chance to potentially use your bag where it will get maximum exposure to have it. You can also offer it as a freebie to your business most loyal customers; you can even sell to others. At trades show events and exhibitions, you may want to consider giving to only those who provide you with their contact information to participate in any of your booth activities.
  • You should buy them in huge quantity; it may be challenging and inconvenient to shelve out money for large quantity order. But if you can project your use for a whole year, and purchase them all at the same time, you will be offered a volume discount for a large purchase order.
  • Make sure to plan for storage; These bags, usually takes up space, so you should set aside an area before the arrival of your order for proper storage. Make sure to ask your promotional distributor for a projected weight and box size.
  • Make your Order pretty Early; in addition to the bags taking up space, you should order quite early because the bags can be hefty. Best bet! Order at least a month or more in advance of your ideal in-hand date, so that you may utilize ground shipping. This will help you avoid a massive bill for expedited freight.
  • You should include your web address; Now unless you have a vanity phone or 800 numbers that are very easy to remember, you should use your web address on the bag instead. Another important thing is that, instead of just using your logo which in most cases does not provide an easy way for people to connect, you should put your website address in a position where it’ll be located easily.


On average, your potential customers will hold on to your promotional bags for about seven months. People are also reluctant to dispose of promotional products that they find very useful, even when they aren't personally interested in them. A recent study has shown that only about 20 percent of United States consumers discard an unwanted item, while a whopping 63 percent do offer promotional products to someone else.  

In conclusion, Promotional Tote Bags are good for business; it exposes your brand to both original and secondary recipients respectively. People who have engaged with your promotional products in the past will most likely seek out your business in the future, whether or not they kept the item.